Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Mixed Girl Tag

Hey, gorgeous!

I have a new tag video for you today.
I was going to upload it on my 2nd channel at first, but decided to stick to my main one. But if you aren't subscribed to my 2nd channel yet, please do so here:


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1.) What are you mixed with? 
2.) What ethnicity have you often been mistaken for? 
3.) Is you hair Curly or Straight? 
4.) Was coming from different backgrounds challenging growing up? 
5.) Which background do embrace most? 
6.) Have you ever been teased for being different? 
7.) Have you ever been ashamed of being Multiracial? 
8.) Do you feel that being Mixed has it's benefits? 
9.)What makes being MultiRacial a beautiful thing? 
10.) Any advice to some who struggle with their Multiracial Identity?

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