Saturday, May 31, 2014

♡My Shoe Collection♡K3chocolate♡2014

 MY LIPS: Maybelline lipstick in Pink Please from HERE + Covergirl lipstick in Penelope Pink from HERE + Julep gloss in Glowing from HERE
MY SELF TANNER: (Use the coupon code K3chocolate to get a 10% discount)
MY BRACELET: Use code Kristina5 to get 5% off at


1:50: Shoemint style Kaylen (still available) Get 20% off your first pair with this link: HERE

1:53: Charlotte Russe; SIMILAR: HERE

2:02: Wholesaleit (still available): HERE

2:14: Charlotte Russe; SIMILAR: HERE

2:19: JustFab in Mandelit: HERE; SIMILAR: HERE

2:27: MartOfChina (still available): HERE

2:41; From Ross by BabyPhat; SIMILAR: HERE

2:48: From Olive Ole by Bamboo; SIMILAR: HERE

2:59: From Olive Ole by Delicious; SIMILAR: HERE

3:05; From Olive Ole by SpeedLimit98; SIMILAR: HERE

3:10: From Diva DNA; SIMILAR: HERE

3:18: From Charlotte Russe; SIMILAR: HERE

3:25: From Charlotte Russe; SIMILAR: HERE

3:31: From Olive Ole by Qupid; SIMILAR: HERE

3:40: From Olive Ole by Damita K; SIMILAR: HERE

3:45: From Poshmark by Dollhouse; SIMILAR: HERE

3:53: From Ukraine by Blink; SIMILAR: HERE

4:02: From Rainbow by Rouge; SIMILAR: HERE

4:08: From Rainbow by Rouge; SIMILAR: HERE

4:16: From Body Central by Anne Michelle; SIMILAR: HERE

4:22: From Olive Ole by Anne Michelle; SIMILAR: HERE

3:33; By Chinese Laundry; SIMILAR: HERE

3:38: From Olive Ole by Delicious; SIMILAR: HERE

4:44: From Marshalls by Ann Marino; SIMILAR: HERE

4:50: Charlotte Russe; SIMILAR: HERE

4:58: From TJ Maxx by Anne Michelle; SIMILAR: HERE

5:06: By Delicious (same): HERE

5:16: From Ukraine by Exclusive; SIMILAR: HERE

5:23: By Nine West; SIMILAR: HERE

5:33: From Charlotte Russe; SIMILAR: HERE

5:38: From Payless by Montego Bay Club; SIMILAR: HERE

5:45: From TJ Maxx by BCBG; SIMILAR: HERE

5:54: By Bamboo; SAME (still available): HERE

6:00: From Target by Massimo; SIMILAR: HERE

6:10: From TJ Maxx by Paprika; SIMILAR: HERE

6:17: From Charming Charlie; SIMILAR: HERE

6:21: From Marshalls by Madden Girl; SIMILAR: HERE

6:25: From Express; SIMILAR: HERE

6:31: From Payless by Montego Bay Club; SIMILAR: HERE

6:37: By Guess (still available): HERE

6:43: From Charlotte Russe; SIMILAR: HERE
(Use code K3chocolate for 9% off till July 1st)

6:48: From Charlotte Russe; SIMILAR: HERE

6:54: From Dollar Store; SIMILAR: HERE

6:59: From Express; SIMILAR: HERE

7:03: From Payless by AirWalk; SIMILAR: HERE

7:08: From Charlotte Russe; SIMILAR: HERE

7:12: From Charlotte Russe; SIMILAR: HERE

7:15: From Payless by American Eagle; SIMILAR: HERE

7:22: From TJ Maxx; SIMILAR: HERE

7:27: From Payless by Airwalk; SIMILAR: HERE

7:31: From Marshalls by Lucky Brand; SAME (still available): HERE

7:37: From Charlotte Russe; SIMILAR: HERE

7:41: From Charlotte Russe; SIMILAR: HERE

7:48: By Wild Diva; SIMILAR: HERE

7:53: From Ukraine by Miss Moro; SIMILAR: HERE


8:02: From Target by DearFoam; SIMILAR: HERE

8:05: From Olive Ole by PineApple; SIMILAR: HERE

8:09: From a dance store by Bloch; SAME (still available): HERE

8:14: From Target by XHilaration; SIMILAR: HERE

8:19: From TJ Maxx; SIMILAR: HERE

8:26: From Target; SIMILAR: HERE

8:31: From Shoe Warehouse by SODA; SIMILAR: HERE

8:43: From Ukraine by Yiqianhui; SIMILAR: HERE

8:49; From Groupon HERE by Bucco; SIMILAR: HERE

8:54: From DaddysMoney; SAME (still available): HERE

8:58: From Hautelook HERE by Bucco; SIMILAR: HERE

9:04: From Charlotte Russe; SAME (still available): HERE

9:10: From Forever 21; SIMILAR: HERE

9:18: From Ukraine by Zara; SIMILAR: HERE

9:24: From Charlotte Russe; SIMILAR: HERE

9:33: From Charlotte Russe; SIMILAR: HERE
(Use code K3chocolate for 9% off till July 1st)

9:39: By XHilaration; SIMILAR: HERE

9:46: From MartOfChina HERE; SIMILAR: HERE

9:58: From Shoe Warehouse by Brackelle; SIMILAR: HERE
(Use code K3chocolate for 9% off till July 1st)

10:03: From JustFab HERE (still available)

10:10: From WalMart by Faded Glory; SIMILAR: HERE

10:15: From online; SIMILAR: HERE

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