Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Get In Shape FAST For Summer!

So I'm trying out some new supplements and body wraps from this new company called ItWorks and they are AMAZING, so I wanted to share the news with you guys! 

Check out ItWorks HERE!

Currently, I'm taking the Fat Fighter supplement and the Hair Skin Nails vitamins, and if I need a boost of energy, I make sure to drink some Greens! I also have a pack of 4 body applicators that I will be trying out and I will be sure to film the process for you guys!

The links and prices to what I'm trying out:

Hair Skin Nails vitamins ($33 for 60 tablets):

Fat Fighter ($23 for 60 tablets):

Greens to Alkalize, Balance & Detoxify ($33 for 30 servings):

Ultimate Body Applicators ($59 for a pack of 4):

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