Saturday, October 5, 2013

"The Cuckoo's Calling" Potential Cast

Photo is from my Instagram:

Hey, guys! So as you may or may not know, I am a HUGE Harry Potter and JK Rowling fan, having read all of the books, seen many of the interviews and behind the scenes and blah, blah, blah. That being said, I was SO impressed by "The Cuckoo's Calling" when I finished it! I have been in love with mystery and detective novels for years, my favorite works having been written by the legendary Conan Doyle and Agatha Christie. But I LOVE JK Rowling's writing style, and what's better than a mystery novel and JK's style combined? I seriously CANNOT wait for the second book that comes out next year! And I was even more excited when I heard of the news that different movie studios were fighting over the rights to a film (and not just some lame TV show)! So... I was thinking who would be perfect as some of the leading characters and decided to share it with you guys. Also, please leave your suggestions for the characters I haven't found anyone for :)

Now I want to do a disclaimer and say that:
1. Everyone's opinion is different, so if you don't agree, don't leave nasty comments. Just tell me who YOU think should be in the role that maybe I didn't think or know of.
2. I know that some of the people I chose are models, not actors. So I'm not saying they SHOULD be cast, I'm just showing you who I imagined in my mind while reading and if they happen to find someone similar, then it works out! And hey, the gorgeous model Rosie Huntington never acted in her life and got cast in the 3rd "Transformers," so you never know who they would choose.
3. And lastly, I'd like to say that I've skimmed over some similar posts online and seen that Strike has been portrayed as both black and white on different blogs. I don't remember it being specified in the book, as I've only read it once (so far). But seeing as he lived in Britain, but has a black girlfriend, I could see how people would be confused. When I first read his description, I imagined someone like Hagrid though :P

So here goes...

*Lula Landry*

The gorgeous model Jasmine Sanders, who is mixed and slender, just as Lula. I think she depicts her PERFECTLY. I really hope they would choose her. Even though she's not an actress, I don't think shooting a few scenes would be hard. She would be playing someone dead, so they would only need to re-anact several scenes. They would only need to show her during photo shoots (which he can obviously do), some club and paparazzi scenes, her talking to both of her mothers and her being pushed off the balcony as a re-enactment. 

Photos taken from Jasmine's Instagram:

*Ciara Porter*

The blonde, blue-eyed model Elsa Hosk with long white legs fits the description in the book perfectly. But there are many models who could fit into it. I chose her because she has that doe-eyed look that could be mistaken for ditzy (just the way the she talked in the novel). And while stunning, she would definitely be upstaged by her girlfriend Lula, just as the book depicted.

*Robin Ellacott*

So everyone already knows the tall and beautiful Blake Lively. The fact that she's an actress also helps when I was thinking about who'd be perfect. She has that girl-next-door vibe that is appealing, yet it wouldn't jump in someone's face as come-and-get-me sort of deal. I feel Robin deserves to be played by someone pretty, yet not in a in-your-face sort of sexy. The first photo I placed here is where Blake has strawberry blonde hair that Robin is described to have in the book, so that makes it easier to imagine Robin as Blake. And the second one I found was of her in a winter coat. I can imagine her running around London in that getup :)

*Evan Duffield*

Marco Perego is Zoe Saldana's new husband whom I haven't heard of before and when recently seeing his photo in a tabloid I immediately thought he'd be a perfect Evan Duffield. He has the long blonde hair described in the book and has a confident, yet hippie sort of vibe to him that I imagined when I read the novel. 

Alas, I don't have a Cormoran Strike yet, but I imagined him to be Hagrid-like XD
So submit me some comments with ideas on who you think should be in these roles :)


  1. I love your casting choices. And you're right, Comoran Strike is going to be difficult... 25 years ago I would have said Gerard Depardiu... except his is French :) But other than that he had the right look... Who is like this today? Not sure...

    Glad to hear the next book is scheduled. And a film! I think it will be as big as the James Bond franchise. She even has an 'homage' to Bond at the end when the orderly pronounces his name wrong "Mr Strict... Mr Comoran Strict"... and he replies... "the name is Strike... Comoran Strike" :) Can not wait to see these books and films unfold. She is beyond brilliant.


  2. Maybe Naomi Harris as Lula...Because she is so pretty...

  3. How 'bout Janelle Monae as Lula. She is absolutely my Lula Landry. :)
    I know she's a singer. But she is perfect.

  4. You guys know we have another fantastic adventure coming from Cormoran and Robin June 24th,
    "The Silkworm" !

  5. I dunno who should play Cormoran, but he needs to be beefy without actually being fat. He is described as 35 years old, approx. 6ft 4 inches, and 220 lbs, so that is definitely not fat. That's someone with maybe 20 lbs to lose. Robbie Coltrane is definitely too old and too fat.