Thursday, October 24, 2013

♡HUGE HAUL: Heels, Makeup, Bags, Lingerie, Jewelry, Dresses & More! + Bloopers

♡Find everything I showed on my Luvocracy page:

~Arrival bag from JustFab:
~Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes mascara & primer from HauteLook:
~Heels, dress & cardigan from MartOfChina:
My outfits with the top & dress:
~Silver panties from Victoria's Secret
~ Tri Lash lash growth serum from HauteLook:
~Myconos Cuff from JewelMint:
~Harry Potter iPhone case from EBay
~iPhone 5 chargers from Ebay
How I bedazzle my chargers:
~Devil kid kit, SoftSoap refill, Allergy Relief pillow & loofah from Wal-Mart
~Loofah from CVS
~Braid headband from Ulta
~Shiny Bracelet XD don't know the brand, sowwy!
~Letters from super-sweet Aiko! Shout out to her :)



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